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Roy Stevenson
I strongly recommend Didier Parmentier's Time Travel Company to anyone contemplating a military tour in Belgium. Touring Bastogne and environs is best done by rental car and with a local guide or tour group. Hiring a local guide who can show you the lesser-known sites and plan your itinerary more efficiently is a smart move.
With my time at a premium for my assignment to cover Bastogne’s main World War II sites, the Belgian National Tourist Office was kind enough to link me up with the Time Travel Company. This Belgian company offers a comprehensive tour of Bastogne World War II sites, plus Battle of the Bulge sites in the surrounding region. Run by former Belgian NATO SHAPE officer, Didier Parmentier, the Time Travel Company puts together customized 3-5 day WWII tours to suit your interests . . . and they do it well!
Parmentier’s company also ensures that visitors get an introduction to Belgian culture and food. Guests sample Belgian dishes typical of the Ardennes area, and a visit to a local brewery for interested groups. You can place yourself in the hands of the Time Travel Company and they will organize your schedule, or you can do some research and let them know what you’d like to see. Then they will organize your tour so you don’t do any backtracking over the winding Ardennes country roads. This saves you a lot of time, and you can thus pack more into your schedule.
I flew from Seattle to Brussels, and the Time Travel Company collected us from my Brussels hotel and took us on a leisurely drive to the Ardennes. The small serene Belgian country towns along the way, with their cobble stone squares and old stone churches are a delight. Our tour guide, Michael Baert, is a professional military historian and battlefield tour guide. He also works in a local war museum. Guides don’t get much better than that!
Didier was quite happy to take a side trip to explore a new museum that he didn't know about. The Time Travel Company staff are very concerned that their clients have a great time, learn a lot, and are completely satisfied. They also offer tours of the Waterloo Battlefield, and World War I sites. - Roy Stevenson
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Dan Donovan
I've been writing for Ottawa Life Magazine for 18 years and over that period have written numerous travel features from around the world. One of my most memorable and enjoyable best trips was a trip to Belgium last spring (2014) where we toured for 5 days with Didier Parmentier's Time Travel Company. I had an assignment to write about the Ardennes in Belgium. The idea was to prepare a historical feature on the area with a particular focus on WW2, Bastogne and the Battle of the Bulge. A separate theme and storyline was about the area today and activities of interest (including......YES......Belgian beer!!) Touring the Ardennes area is best done by car or with a local tour guide. We knew from the time Didier (the Time Travel Company) picked us up at our hotel in Brussels that this was going to be a great trip. They are an engaging,likeable and very friendly crew and very knowledgeable about Belgium, Bastgone, The Battle of the Bulge and the history of the entire region. Didier is a former Belgian military officer who spent part of his service at the NATO headquarters SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe). All that to say he knows his stuff and Time Travel put together a 5 day itinerary that was truly exceptional. I brought my 18 year old son on the trip because he is a history buff and loves military history......and great food.....and is learning about the many complexities and joy of....beer.

Our trip began with a direct flight from Toronto to Brussels and a pleasant stay overnight in Brussels before heading out the next morning with Didier and his colleague, Michael Baert, an exceptional Tour Guide who is also a military historian and guide who works at one of the local museums. (Baert is like a walking encyclopedia of the Ardennes). Our days were filled with pleasant rides through the beautiful Belgian countryside as we roamed from town to town listening to interesting stories and anecdotes about the locals, the Battle of the Bulge and the many interesting and wonderful destinations in the area. Evenings were special too with pre dinner drinks (Belgian beer was popular) and delicious meals made from local fare that would be relished by any foodie!

In short the trip was fantastic- a real highlight for me and one that will always be special for my son. I credit the Didier and The Time Travel Company for providing us with such an exceptional experience.Please read my story in Ottawa Life Magazine on the trip here:

The Time Travel Company also offer tours of the Waterloo Battlefield, and World War I sites.

Dan Donovan
Publisher & Managing Editor
Ottawa Life Magazine
301 Metcalfe St., Lower Level
Ottawa, ON K2P 1R9
613.688.5433 (office)
613.688.1994 (fax)
416.400.7071 (mobile)
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Victoria Fisher
Victoria Fisher
There are not enough words to describe how thrilled we are with the exceptional service provided by Mr. Parmentier!

He was able to find tickets to the Waterloo 200 events for us long after they were officially sold out. Mr. Parmentier is extremely professional and thoughtful and for that we are very grateful. We can't wait for our trip to Belgium and we hope to call on Mr Parmentier again in the future.

Victoria Fisher
Fairfax Station, VA
Sunday, May 17, 2015
Tom and Charlene Ahlers
Tom and Charlene Ahlers
The day we spent with you and Michel in Luxembourg was the highlight of our recent trip to Europe. You fulfilled all of our expectations to way more than we had anticipated.
The Belgium chocolates was such a special touch. They were incredibly delicious. We managed to enjoy them for the rest of our trip.
Also, the photos are great keepsakes.
Thank you very much for everything.
Tom and Charlene Ahlers
Sunday, May 31, 2015
Boysie Bollinger
Boysie Bollinger
The team at Time Travel did a great job laying out a wonderful program for the time we had allowed. I explained to them what I was interested in, what I didn't know and what I wanted to learn more about, and they delivered in spades.
Didier and team "get it" when it comes to delivering customer satisfaction. Thanks to all.
Boysie Bollinger.
New Orleans, Louisiana USA
Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Since 1945 our family suffered much angst having lost a loved one during the Battle of the Bulge who was killed and buried in Luxembourg. Didier and The Time Travel Company put an end to that angst in just two days with a highly personalised, professional and flexible tour.

If you have interest in WWI and WWII and/or a family connection which you want to learn more about then I highly recommend The Time Travel Company. By way of examples, Didier and local military historians identified the small hamlet of Moestroff, Luxembourg where our family member was killed while fighting with the 8th Infantry, 4th division aka the 'Famous Fourth'.

Amazingly, they even tracked down photographs taken on the day and place he was killed. Didier also arranged a beautiful, private ceremony at the American Military Cemetery in Luxembourg as our final stop to say goodbye to our family member buried there.

The entire tour was above and beyond our expectations, especially for the sons of the solider killed during the Battle of the Bulge.

Many thanks to Didier, Jean-Luc and Roland. Our family is eternally grateful.
Monday, May 23, 2016
James Festa
James Festa
On May 16th and 17th we had the pleasure of working with Didier and his expert guides for a visit to Bastogne and the Luxembourg Memorial Cemetery. We were treated like royalty at the cemetery and during our visit to both Belgium and Luxembourg. This is attributable to the professionalism of Didier, Jean Luc and Roland. We enjoyed the historical perspective of this tour as well as the camaraderie established with these fine gentlemen. Their knowledge of the history of the events of WWII in these areas made the trip interesting and fulfilling. Their charming personalities made the trip even more fulfilling.
Our highest recommendations go out to Time Travel Company and to Didier and his associates.

JIm Festa
Sarasota Florida, USA
Thursday, June 2, 2016
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