"Lord, this is Patton talking to you..."

Undoubtedly the greatest American battle of the war.


An historical experience In honor of the American veterans.

The "Battle of the Bulge Tour" is part of the Time Travel Company's Memory & Heritage Tours in Europe. In this tour we specifically aim at Americans interested in the Ardennes Offensive during World War II. Are you a veteran, have you lost a family member in this war or do you just want to learn more about your nation's greatest achievements? Then, feel very lucky you have found your tour!  

Our tours are not only historical in nature; they also allow you to discover our rich heritage such as our famous Belgian beers and chocolate and other regional specialities. If this is not in our published tour programme, we may still be able to arrange it for you – just let us know!


What to expect

  • Friendly and experienced guides
  • Lots of military sites
  • Exclusive visit to NATO’s Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (Essential tour)
  • Beautiful and comfortable hotels
  • Exquisite food
  • A memorable historic adventure!

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Retired Artillery Officer of the Belgian Army
Head of the Chair of History at the Belgian Royal Military Academy
Historical tourism specialist
Lecturer, historian, and author of several books about the "Battle of the Bulge"


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