Belgium : Its beautiful cities, its historical sites, a country to be visited

Enjoy your stay with TTTC


An historical experience 

The "Memory&Cities of Belgium" is part of the Time Travel Company's Memory&Heritage series. These tours are made for those who like to visit historical sites while enjoying strolling in cities that offer many delightfull surprises. If you feel that way, then, feel very lucky you have found your tour.

Our tours are not only historical in nature; they also allow you to discover our rich heritage such as our famous Belgian beers and chocolate and other regional specialities. If this is not in our published tour programme, we may still be able to arrange it for you – just let us know!

What to expect

  • Friendly and experienced guides
  • Museums
  • Beautiful and comfortable hotels
  • Local culture
  • Exquisite food
  • A memorable adventure!



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